Santa Ana Facelift Orange County Cosmetic Surgery Clinique Dr. TavoussiThose wanting to take years off their faces can consider a facelift at out respected OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique in gorgeous Orange County, California. Our skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi, works with individuals of all nationalities to give them the facial structure that is ethnically correct for them. Facelifts can restore the structure of the face, decrease the effects of sagging fat and skin, provide a youthful look and restore confidence and self-esteem.

The Benefits of Orange County Facelifts

A facelift is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, tightens the skin and muscles and decreases sagging around the chin and jowls. It can also repair the deep lines that appear between the mouth and nose as the individual ages. Some people choose to have a facelift done at the same time as another facial procedure, such as a nose job or forehead lift. This can often save recovery time and money. The Facelift Doctor may provide discounts on surgical fees for multiple procedures done at the same time.

Those who choose to have a facelift are often in middle age and under the age of 60. This is the best time to have this procedure performed because the skin will still have some of its own elasticity and will drape over the newly reshaped fat and muscles well. However, some patients in their 70s or 80s may be candidates as well. Of course, individuals are encouraged to ask the doctor all of their questions about the procedure beforehand to allay fears and to understand what to expect.

Most facelifts use an incision made around the hairline, in front of the ears and ending in the hairline. This allows the doctor to lift the skin, remove excess fat and tighten the skin and underlying tissues. Some people only need a mini-facelift, which uses smaller incisions and can correct smaller problems. Surgical complications are rare, and most incisions heal nicely with very little scarring. However, some patients will notice some initial bruising and may have hair loss around the incision.

Lift Your Face With Confidence
This outpatient procedure can do much to restore an individual’s youthful appearance and confidence in social settings. Recovery is normally quite easy, and makeup can be used within a week of the surgery. Dr. Tavoussi provides cosmetic surgery consultations to those living in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas. As a well-respected Facelift Doctor, he can provide the structural beauty and facial artistry that individuals crave.